Account Management Systems, Structures
& Strategies.

We are pleased to offer a full and complete ‘Master Provider Service’ and a full and complete ‘Vendor Management Service’ to our Clients.

Through decades of hard work and refined experience in the Asset Recovery Services industry, we have gained an expertise in Account Management Systems, Structures and Strategies. Our knowledge and expertise in the Asset Recovery space has evolved; and our team at Redshift has gained a superior knowledge in large-scale work-flow processes and inventory management control systems.

This service offering has been designed to eliminate liability exposures, long standing internal costs and expense of increasing operational costs and legal representation costs.

While eliminating costs is an excellent service to provide our clients, the real benefit of our Master Services Provider contracts is the long-term increase in productivity generating long-term bottom line results.

This is an exclusive and full comprehensive partnership service that is offered as an agreement that can be tailored in specific detail to provide an exact workflow and partnership program. Our Clients can monitor and make changes to this program with ease of simplicity while benefiting from higher revenues.