Hard Work and Long-term Dedication.

Founded in 2003, Redshift began offering Location (Skip Tracing) and Nationwide Recovery Management Services to the Financial and Auto Industry markets with the goal in mind of navigating a positive ‘shift’ in the standard services offered in the Asset Recovery and Auto Repossession space. Through hard work and long-term dedication to the industry we service, we have developed and constantly improve our own advanced, technology-assisted process that is coupled with employing a human element approach. Our focused workflow strategy enables us to streamline the costs and effort for our Clients while at the same time, leaving all parties feeling respected and dignified once the process is complete.

Our business model and workflow processes platform give us the distinct competitive advantage in the industry. We know what works but remain diligent in always looking for opportunities to improve. That said, we are always in a constant refinement mode looking to improve and increase our overall recovery results. In turn, our Clients are provided with the best rate of return possible when trusting us to perform our services.


Completely Customizable.

Additionally, we are completely customizable to our Client’s specific compliance and working strategy requirements. We are proud of the fact that our work-flow process is audit friendly for our Clients.

The goal: to provide the absolute best service possible by being the best at what we do.

We are always prepared to take on additional opportunities as we are always in a growth mode. Growth requires a major focus on maximizing efforts and maximizing returns for our Clients.

Managing growth takes crafted plans and we have them. Let Redshift show you how to recover your assets.

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